Thursday, May 02, 2013

2-May-13: Yet again tonight, rockets fired by Gazan terrorists crash and explode in southern Israel

Kibbutz Gvulot, one of the Eshkol region's agricultural communities,
runs a successful dairy operation [Image Source]
Around 8:30 this evening (Thursday), a fresh terror attack was launched from Gaza, fortunately with no serious outcome other than what yet another act calculated to terrorize the civilian population of southern Israel can do to the lives of families living there.

The facts are still being checked by the authorities but according to the report published by Times of Israel, two mortar were fired from a source inside the Gaza Strip; they crashed into open fields in the Eshkol region.  Eshkol is in the western part of Israel's Negev desert, the part that is closest to the vipers' nest of Gaza. There are no reports of injuries or damage. According to Ynet, it was a rocket or a mortar shell and there was no Tzeva Adom warning for residents in the area ahead of the explosion.

Over at the Haaretz site, they have a 'Breaking News' ticker which is reporting at this hour that
20:49 Shell falls in Eshkol Regional Council, no casualties or injuries reported (Haaretz)
As news reports go, the Haaretz editors demonstrate a remarkably flegmatic approach to an attack on a civilian population. Perhaps from where they sit, southern Israel is a place where shells fall. Others, perhaps more sensitive to what can and does happen, will remember that rockets and mortars only go where malevolent people with death and mayhem on their minds fire them.

Eshkol, the region where tonight's attack was directed by the child-killers of Gaza, includes numerous communities including 14 kibbutzim (collectives), 13 moshavim (cooperative agricultural communities made up of individual farms) and three other communities. Each of them is home to human beings, hence the attack.

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