Thursday, February 21, 2013

21-Feb-13: Hezbollah says it is now fully equipped; no need to transfer anything more from Syria or Iran

To keep in mind when the inevitable fighting breaks out on Israel's northern border.

SNC Cites Hezbollah Role in Syria
Ali Hashem for Al-Monitor Lebanon Pulse | February 19, 2013 
Portrait of despot, Al-Assad, taken from his personal
webpage where the caption calls him "The Syrian Hope" [Image Source]
Hezbollah is fighting in Syria, killing civilians, bombarding towns, and occupying Syrian villages... A Lebanese security source in Beirut [said] Hezbollah's operation in Syria has been dedicated to two main goals: "Defending Shiite shrines in Damascus, and this involves a supervisory role," and securing the organization’s arms transportation route. He candidly stated, "Hezbollah is concentrating nowadays on transporting as many weapons as they can before Assad falls." He added, "This might be the last chance for both the regime in Syria and Hezbollah to transfer strategic weaponry and this might be the main reason behind the Israeli air strike two weeks ago." On Jan. 31, Israeli jets attacked a target near the Lebanon-Syria border. The Syrians said the missiles hit a military research center in Jamraya, northwest of Damascus, but reports in the Israeli media said the target had been a convoy of trucks transporting weapons destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon. It might be that Israel wanted to send messages to Hezbollah and the Assad regime clearly indicating its seriousness and preparedness to do whatever is necessary to prevent potentially game-changing weapons from crossing borders. On Feb. 17, Nasrallah issued his first public comments after the Israeli strike, telling supporters, "Hezbollah is now fully equipped, and everything we need is stored in Lebanon. We don't need to transfer it neither from Syria, nor Iran.”
For those (like us) interested in peaceable relations with our neighbours, a live-and-let-live state of affairs in tumultuous Lebanon, a calming of the ongoing bloodbath in Syria, a reduction in the grotesquely over-developed state of the terrorist Hezbollah forces - there's absolutely no good news emanating from the north. There's also no reason to expect this to change in the foreseeable future.

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