Thursday, November 15, 2012

15-Nov-12: "The wisdom will lie in knowing when to stop"

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From a thoughtful and sane op ed ["The wisdom will lie in knowing when to stop"]  in Times of Israel tonight, by its editor, David Horovitz:
"Hamas warned Israel on Wednesday that it had opened “the gates of hell” in targeting Gaza’s notorious terror chieftain Ahmed Jabari. In truth, however, a reluctant Israeli government — Israel has no desire to be drawn into prolonged military conflict with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip — plainly felt it had little choice but to launch Operation Pillar of Defense, an escalated air assault on Hamas targets... The resort to force is widely regarded in Israel as both overdue and unavoidable. The wisdom of the operation’s stewards, however, will lie in knowing how and when to de-escalate — in recognizing when all that can reasonably be achieved has been achieved."

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