Tuesday, October 09, 2012

9-Oct-12: Those rockets from Gaza have not stopped: Tuesday morning attacks

The EU-funded GANSO (Gaza NGO Safety Office) generally presents a Palestinian Arab-friendly perspective on terror activities originating in the Gaza Strip. It reports this morning that there were seven more attacks on Israel by un-named terrorist groups (GANSO calls them "Pal ops.") during Tuesday morning:
MU, 09 OCT: Overnight, Pal. ops. fired 4 HMRs and 3 mortars toward the Green Line. No injuries were reported.
In GANSO-speak, HMRs means "home-made rockets" as if to suggest a lower degree of danger to the people under attack.

Times of Israel is reporting at this hour that a rocket (singular) was fired from the northern Gaza Strip and landed in the Eshkol region early today; no damage or injuries are reported. Israel National News says it was a Qassam and that it explided near the security fence in the Eshkol region. No mention so far of the other six attacks that feature in the GANSO report.

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