Sunday, September 02, 2012

2-Sep-12: Another rocket attack today just before 11 pm

One more time, the Tzeva Adom missile warning sounded throughout southern Israel's Eshkol region just before 11 tonight (Sunday) [Hebrew source] in the third incoming rocket attack of the day. Ynet and Times of Israel both confirm it was a Qassam rocket.

[From the Gazan side of the fence, the EU-funded 'Gaza NGO Safety Office' reported on a pair of GRAD rockets having been fired in the general direction of Israel around 2:10 this afternoon by "Pal. ops... from E of Al Qarara"Assuming that's accurate, then the past hour's attack is today's fourth.]

Within the Eshkol region, as we noted this morning, some thirty-one communities exist, in an area of less than 300 square miles in the north-western corner of the Negev desert: 14 kibbutzim, 15 moshavim and two residential communities for a total population of about 12,500. No injuries resulted from tonight's attack on civilian targets, but this was not the intention of the jihadist rocket-men who, as we accurately observed this morning (admittedly, it doesn't take much insight), will certainly be trying again soon.

Watching how entire communities react to the Tzeva Adom warnings might surprise you. Try it: click on the following YouTube link to watch an unremarkable instance of the scene that has been played out literally thousands of times in Eshkol and other parts of southern Israel:

The patience and forbearance of the Israelis living in the communities close to the Gaza border is close to superhuman. The malice and barbarism of the jihadist thugs who fling these explosives over the fence under Hamas supervision - hoping, praying, that anything Jewish is going to be damaged or worse - is sub-human.

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