Sunday, August 05, 2012

5-Aug-12: Iran's moderate speaks again

Moderate loquacious Larijani [Image Source]
Ali Larijani is an important man, an Iranian philosopher, politician and the current chairman of the Parliament of Iran. We last blogged about his blood-curdling political predictions in June 2012 [our posting].

At various times, he has been described as
The loquacious, moderate insider says today [source] that "the fire set ablaze in Syria will burn the panicked Zionists." He is quoted at length in the official Iranian Republic News Agency mouthpiece website,, saying a few additional moderate things, particularly about the ongoing slaughter going on in Syria which is being done with the active participation of Iranian men and material:
  • "Though Zionists kept bluffing in the past few days, their fear is quite apparent from their tone."
  • "The resignation of the United Nations special envoy in Syrian affairs Kofi Annan together with the ceaseless trend of the US officials’ visits to the region, their contacts with the regional politicians and their military support just prove the failure of international hooligans."
  • "The intervention of the US officials in Syrian affairs is nothing but a part of their global adventurism."
  • "There was still hope that the US possessed a minimum of wisdom but after the developments in Iraq and Lebanon the hope totally faded away."
We're not rushing to review what the immoderate Iranians are saying today.

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