Saturday, August 25, 2012

25-Aug-12: Predawn rocket attack on southern Israel this morning

No official report anywhere yet as far as we can see, but eyewitness reports from southern Israel [Hebrew source] say the Tzeva Adom incoming missile alert woke thousands of families in the Sha'ar Henegev region around 4 this Sabbath morning, causing the usual range of feelings (terror, fear, anger, bewilderment). One resident reports that he heard three landings - perhaps Qassam rockets, perhaps GRADs, perhaps mortars. We will keep checking this evening (Saturday night in Jerusalem) to see if we can find some official corroboration.

It's a disturbing trend: lately, most incoming rockets are treated by news editors, including Israeli, as not rising to the level of newsworthy. It seems people have to be injured physically or worse before the outside world is entitled to be informed. This is not the way to respond to terror.

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