Friday, August 17, 2012

17-Aug-12: Hail of mortar fire directed by Gazan terror forces at southern Israel

The fire continues.

This morning (Friday), around 11:20, a hail of five to seven mortar rounds [source] were fired by unknown parties from within the terrorist-infested Gaza Strip into southern Israel's Eshkol region (population: about 11,000). There have been numerous mortar and rocket attacks on the same region in the recent past: earlier this month, in late June, in mid June, and several times [29, 22, 21, 20, 13, 12) and numerous other times.

While we were writing this, we noted a Hebrew report saying that seven additional mortars were fired by the terrorists from Gaza in the past half hour (it's now 3:20pm). All of them, according to this report, "dropped short" (again) and crashed and presumably exploded on the Hamas-controlled side of the Gaza/Israel boundary. No reports of casualties, but news reports of Palestinian Arab self-inflicted damage (Palestinian Arabs killed or injured by Palestinian Arab fire) almost never get any coverage.

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