Friday, July 20, 2012

20-Jul-12: Another rocket, the second today, crashes into southern Israel from Gaza

The Tzeva Adom warning system went off in southern Israel this afternoon at about 2:50 pm indicating yet another firing of a rocket from the terrorist-infested Gaza Strip - the second so far today. Soon afterwards, we received a report of a crash and explosion in the Eshkol region. No reports of injuries to humans or damage to property. 

Obviously the thugs who set the rocket process in motion have neither the interest nor the ability to make them explode in a specific place. They don't care. They also don't care whether they hit a military base or a kindergarten playground. Literally. It's of zero consequence. Their religious indoctrination and the passionate hatred it engenders ensure such distinctions fall away to the point of utter irrelevance. So too those who routinely deliver up apologetics for the Palestinian terrorists

It's fiercely hot here in the area today. And Ramadan began last night so that devout Moslems are fasting and not drinking during today's daylight hours. But never mind - the determination of hatred-driven jihadist easily overcomes such mild hurdles.

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