Wednesday, July 18, 2012

18-Jul-12: Since they don't have sticky labels on their foreheads...

One of the Burgas airport buses attacked today [Reuters]
Something to keep in mind while we absorb the consequences of what happened this afternoon to the Israelis arriving at Burgas airport in Bulgaria.

Four days ago, we wrote this concerning another attempt in the eastern Mediterranean to bring more terrorism into the lives of innocent people:

14-Jul-12: Terror attack in Cyprus foiled; the targets seem to have been Israelis...The police in Cyprus say he [the terrorist now arrested] had been tracking Israeli tourists on the island, and was evidently planning attack on buses according to a local news source quoted by the Jerusalem Post... The terrorists were aiming at either buses or aircraft and that "notes with details of Israeli aircraft were found" in the possession of the arrested man.Buses and aircraft has a grim resonance this evening. It's not rocket science to understand that buses, aircraft and transport terminals need to be thoroughly protected. The problem always is, and always will be, that the terrorists, including those who simply plant explosive-filled suitcases among the bags of genuine tourists, don't wear sticky labels on their foreheads announcing "I'm a jihadist". 
What the rest of us (and that includes public authorities everywhere including in Israel) do in view of that reality determines whether we or our loved ones end up on the casualties list. 

One more thing we want to point out - again based on a previous posting of ours, this one from five days ago: "13-Jul-12: "Noticeable increase in attempted terror attacks since Shalit transaction"

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