Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20-Jun-12: Wednesday evening and those Gaza rocket salvos are coming in thick and heavy

We don't have an authoritative update on the number of missiles fired into Israel by the various terrorist groups in Gaza today, but it appears to be around 50 at this point (the IDF says 75 incoming rockets in the past three days) and they are still coming, all of them seeking Israeli victims with no regard for whether they are military, civilian or other. This is how terrorists operate.

We were on the move throughout the day and not able to keep up with the incoming reports. Just this evening, there were clusters of attacks around 6:30 pm, then 6:45 pm, then 8:00 pm, 8:15 pm, 8:25 pm, and then an especially serious shower of rockets around 8:30 pm (all of these are Israel time). We know of significant property damage in the past 45 minutes (it's now 9:10 pm and the Tzeva Adom sirens are wailing across the Eshkol region), but there are no details for now because of ongoing security reasons.

From the reports and images we have seen, Israel's responses until now have been pin-point accurate and astonishingly free of collateral damage. The mood in Israel is, and always has been, that the IDF's actions should exact a price from the terrorists and their commanders, and to the greatest extent possible should leave non-combatants unharmed. War does not allow for such a precise distinction but the results of this round of Israel's forceful responses to the terrorist attacks have to the greatest extent fulfilled that hope.

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