Thursday, May 31, 2012

31-May-12: Quote of the Day/Week/Month: The US and its relation to Middle East Instability

Jordanian Salafist Moslems protesting [Image Source] . There's more about them here
Fearless and clear-eyed Arab journalist and analyst Khaled Abu Toameh has demonstrated the soundness of his political understanding repeatedly over the years. He has an essay ["Muslim Brotherhood Plotting To Take Over Jordan?"] that appeared a few hours ago on the website of the Gatestone Institute. We offer just two key lines from his critique:
Unless the US Administration stops flirting with Muslim Brotherhood, Jordan will be turned into a radical Islamic republic and a source of further instability in the Middle East... Many Arabs feel that President Barack Obama's endorsement of the Muslim Brotherhood has emboldened the Islamists and increased their appetite to drive moderate and secular rulers out of the Arab world.
Abu Toameh is speaking of forces at work with the potential to cause great harm. So far as most Americans are concerned, the ability to understand why this is happening is almost completely absent. We hope you will read his article and pass it along to your friends.

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