Thursday, March 08, 2012

8-Mar-12: Mortar attack marks Purim festival

It's Purim, a Jewish festival day. Israel National News reported earlier today on morning mortar fire in the general direction of one of the kibbutzim in southern Israel from (of course) Gaza. INN correspondent Gavriel Queenann writes that
It exploded in an open field in the Eshkol region that borders Gaza and is frequently targeted in terror attacks. No injuries or property damage are reported. Hamas in Gaza claims to maintain a truce with Israel, but allows its terror confederates in the coastal enclave to routinely launch regular rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli communities. The IDF confirmed the attack and its commitment to the security of Israel's citizens in the south. A military response may be forthcoming. However, Israel's strategic paradigm of airstrikes-for-rockets has faced mounting criticism from military analysts as perpetuating the poor security situation that marks Israel's Gaza-belt region. IDF commanders and senior security officials increasingly say a major ground operation targeting Hamas' terror infrastructure in Gaza will prove "inevitable."
It's a festival here, as we said. But the striking failure of the Gazan Hamas regime to achieve even the minimal levels of community welfare for their people - despite phenomenal levels of aid money that have been pouring into their open maw for years, decades, is part of the reason why there are endless angry recruits ready to keep the terrorist warfare going against Israel. What else can we possibly expect them to do?

Palestinian Bedouins wade through water following rains
which flooded their tent homes and surrounding land
in the central Gaza Strip on March 4, 2012. [Source: Getty Images]

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