Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14-Mar-12: Quote of the day: "Mr Secretary General, something is wrong with this equation"

The Security Council
"Israeli civilians have less than 15 seconds to find shelter from these attacks. The lives of 1,000,000 Israeli civilians are paralyzed. 200,000 Israeli children are out of school. During your trip to Israel last month, you met these children and saw these areas with your own eyes. Yesterday, you told the Security Council, "Rocket attacks out of Gaza against Israeli civilian areas are unacceptable and must stop immediately." Yet, the Security Council has uttered zero words of condemnation of these attacks. There is something wrong with this equation... The situation is grave. If one rocket lands in the wrong place at the wrong time, Israel will be forced to respond in a completely different manner."
Extract from a letter sent earlier this week to Mr Ban Ki-Moon, 
UN secretary-general, by Israel's UN ambassador, Ron Prossor. 

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