Saturday, January 21, 2012

21-Jan-12: Far from the headlines, yet more rockets fired into Israel

The terrorist rockets keep coming.

On Friday night, a great time to injure Israeli civilians in their homes, another Qassam rocket was fired from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip into southern Israel. This one landed and exploded in an open area of the Negev Desert. There are no reports of human injury or property damage.

Early Saturday morning, three mortars were fired from Gaza in the general direction of the Eshkol region (also in the Negev). These fortunately did not injure people or damage property either. But that's four incoming lethal shots in a few hours, and terrifying for the innocent civilians living in the target area.

Later this morning (Saturday), the IDF is reported to have spotted a unit of terrorists in Gaza a matter of seconds after they directed their fire into Israel. An IAF helicopter shot at the terrorists, achieving a direct hit. (The Palestinian Ma'an newsagency says the Israeli fire missed.)

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Juniper in the Desert said...

"The Palestinian Ma'an newsagency says the Israeli fire missed"..
another terrorist who will mysteriously come back to life!