Saturday, November 05, 2011

5-Nov-11: Israel successfully and surgically pre-empts yet another Islamic Jihadist rocket attack

AP is reporting in the past hour that a targeted Israeli airstrike on terrorists in the Gaza Strip "preparing to fire rockets into southern Israel" has killed an Islamic Jihad terrorist and wounded three others. A spokesman, Adham Abu Salmia, speaking for the Health Ministry of the terrorism-addicted Hamas regime, confirms the death and injuries and says the four were hit by shrapnel.

For its part, the Islamic Jihad terror organization, quoted by AP, acknowledges not only that the men belong to IJ but that they were members of the same IJ gang that fired rockets into Israel a week ago. We reported two days ago ["Raining rockets, and as always Israeli children are in the terrorists' sights"] that Moshe Ami, a grandfather and resident of Ashkelon, was killed in that attack.

Note that no one - other than the terrorists, caught in the act - was injured in the Israeli attack from the air.

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