Monday, August 08, 2011

8-Aug-11: Incoming again

IJ terrorists in action: Daily indiscriminate attacks
on civilian areas elicit a media yawn 
Ynet reports that 3 mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel overnight and exploded near a kibbutz in the Shaar Hanegev region where yesterday's Qassam missile attack also took place. A fence was damaged, but no reports of injuries to humans. [UPDATE Monday 10:30am Ynet says the terrorists of Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.]

This of course pales into insignificance next to the ongoing bloodbath on our northern border ("Fresh gunfire heard as Syria intensifies crackdown" is today's AP headline). The Syrian government killed 42 people yesterday in Deir el-Zour, more than 300 across Syria in the past week alone, and 1,700 since the Assad-led massacres began in March.

Still, this does not mean Israelis in our country's south - or any other Israelis - are obliged to tolerate daily terrorist missile/rocket/mortar attacks - 340 of them since 1st January 2011. Attacks that are likely to increase in number and intensity with the so-called "mutual political prisoner exchange" amnesty for terrorists announced between the Fatah and Hamas regimes in Cairo yesterday.

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