Thursday, August 04, 2011

4-Aug-11: More rocket attacks on Israel tonight are a taste of... more rocket attacks on Israel

The Intel plant in Kiryat Gat
Ynet reports that the rocket attacks are continuing.
A loud explosion was heard in the Kiryat Gat region of southern Israel this evening (Thursday) after the Color Red siren was activated. Officials said a rocket apparently landed in an open area in the town's vicinity. No injuries were reported in the latest attack but two people were treated for anxiety... The anti-rocket Iron Dome system... is currently not deployed n the area. Iron Dome batteries are now deployed elsewhere in the country as part of tests. At this time there is no intention to deploy the systems in the Gaza region again, unless a dramatic escalation necessitates such move.
INN reported around 8 this evening that the incoming missile was a Grad-style Katyusha rocket, and that it struck a barn in a community close to Kiryat Gat, adding that "the Israel Defense Forces are checking reports of another rocket landing in an open area next to Kiryat Gat."

Kiryat Gat's population is around 48,000. An Intel microprocessor-manufacturing plant located in the city employs some 2,000 people.

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