Wednesday, August 24, 2011

24-Aug-11: Southern Israel under rocket fire yet again

The quiet southern Israel community Ofakim
was one of this evening's targets. Residents were warned minutes before
to find shelter and leave the streets.  
It's a little after 9 at night, and a bruised Israel is counting incoming rockets again.

Ynet says five [UPDATE: seven] Gazan rockets struck various parts of southern Israel over the past 2 hours. One exploded in an open field south of Ashkelon. Minutes later, two more crashed into an open area near the town of Ofakim. A little after those, two additional rockets crashed into the Eshkol region. And then two more.

Hundreds of thousands of residents ran for shelter and are under instructions to stay there while security forces size up the situation. Fortunately it appears there is no damage and no injuries.

Still, it's a victory for the terrorists because their invariable goal - whether they are loathsome Palestinian Arab jihadists or drawn from any other part of the terror spectrum - is to terrorize, neutralize and overturn normal civil life with the greatest possible damage to property and life. Claiming a victory of just that kind, the Palestinian Arab Islamic Jihad organization, inspired by Iran and burning with Islamicist fervor for Jewish blood and spoil, asserted that it is entitled to the credit for tonight's attacks.

Israel's response is likely to be not far away.

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