Wednesday, August 24, 2011

24-Aug-11: In case we thought the terrorist rocket fire had ceased...

Running from incoming missiles,
Beer Sheba (March 2011) [Source]
The Jerusalem Post reports that the Israeli Air Force this morning (Wednesday) targeted and hit two terrorists in separate locations in the northern Gaza Strip who were attempting to fire rockets into southern Israel. Earlier in the morning, two mortar shells fired from Gaza exploded in open areas in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries are reported, but light damage was caused.

Israel's official view on whether there is a truce with the terrorists is explained in the unattributed quote of a diplomat (also in the JPost):
"Israel did not enter a ceasefire agreement with Hamas, and it would continue to take action to thwart any terrorist action, be it the firing of rockets or attempts to infiltrate Israel coming from the Gaza Strip... If there were quiet from the other side, Israel would not initiate a major military action inside Gaza. This decision, he explained, was motivated by a number of factors, including the situation in Egypt, Syria and the Palestinian Authority, as well as the number of Iron Dome batteries Israel could deploy."
Ynet writes that Israelis living in southern communities close to or bordering on Hamas-controlled Gaza are again being asked today to stay no more 15 seconds dash away from a fortified location or shelter.

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