Sunday, March 20, 2011

20-Mar-11: And now (yet again) the Qassams

A little after midnight tonight (the night between Saturday and Sunday), there is a report of a Qassam rocket fired from Gaza into Israel. At this stage, there is no report of damage or injury. This Israeli site says the missile crashed into the Sadot Negev region. It makes no difference to the terrorists - anywhere is acceptable, the key thing being the act of flinging a deadly weapon in Israel's general direction. As terrorists everywhere know, the act of violence is its own reward. Ynet, quoting Israel's security services, says 215 mortars were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip during 2010 (and more than 100 have been fired since the first of this year), plus some 150 Qassam rockets.

Earlier this evening, two terrorists were seen approaching the security barrier near one of the kibbutzim in the area. Soldiers from the IDF's armored corps opened fire and permanently eliminated the two men. As usual, an IDF investigation into the circumstances of the shooting began immediately afterwards with  initial estimates being that the two were in the process of planting an explosive device near the fence, as so many jihadists before them have done.

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