Sunday, January 16, 2011

16-Jan-11: Chinese source has some puzzling things to say this morning

We're not sure what to make of this Xinhua newsagency report going out on the wires right now.
News Analysis: Hamas faces dilemma in keeping Gaza's peace   2011-01-16 01:54:53 | Saud Abu Ramadan
GAZA, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- The deposed Hamas government announced last week that it had reached a deal with other factions and militant groups to maintain calm in the Gaza Strip to avoid another destructive Israeli war on the coastal enclave since 2007. According to Hamas, the leaders of the factions attended the meeting on Wednesday accepted the deal and refrained from firing mortars and homemade rockets to Israel. However, unknown militants refused to respect the deal and fired two rockets on Friday at Israel. The deposed premier of Hamas government Ismail Haneya has given instructions to his interior affairs minister and chiefs of security to restore calm, and hundreds of security and police personnel were deploying along the border between the enclave and Israel... One homemade rocket was fired on Friday, and there was an attempt late Friday night to launch a home-made rocket at Israel. In both cases, there was no Israeli retaliation, which shows that Israel is also ready to cooperate.
Exactly which terrorist regime and/or which premier was deposed is not clear to us, even after Mr Saud Abu Ramadan's report. As for "home-made" rockets being fired into Israel on Friday and/or failing in the attempt, we have not yet seen or heard any reports from this side of the fence. So we'll keep checking.

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