Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31-Mar-10: Statement of International Alliance Against Terrorism: Moscow bomb attacks - We say no to terrorism!

The International Alliance Against Terrorism | Alliance Internationale Contre le Terrorisme

Moscow bomb attacks: We say no to terrorism!
Press Release 31-Mar-10: The International Alliance Against Terrorism strongly condemns the last terror attacks perpetrated in Moscow underground on Monday March 29 during the morning rush hour by "suicide" bombers. At least 39 people have been killed and more than 62 wounded.

We express all our sympathy to  victims and their families in their pain.

No cause can justify resorting to "suicide" bombing , to deliberate attacks of non fighters, to terrorist attacks of innocent people, to kidnapping and murder of hostages, whatever their nationalities.

We want those who perpetrate, advocate, organize terror attacks, give orders and recruit "suicide" terrorists to be judged and condemned.

We call on our fellow citizens in our different countries, on civil society, on all terror victims organizations and all NGOs, on national and international authorities to voice their indignation and defend the human rights of terror victims and their families.

Support the International Alliance Against  Terrorism by signing the international petition "WE SAY NO TO TERRORISM".


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