Thursday, November 26, 2009

26-Nov-09: Notes from ground zero

Five days ago, the Hamas regime called a press conference to announce that the various terrorist groups under its jurisdiction had decided to bring an end to Gaza-based rocket fire into Israel. This statement was of course nonsense, created purely for its propaganda effect on people with little understanding or awareness of what goes on in this neighbourhood daily.

Today, Thursday, five mortars were fired by Palestinian Arab Gaza terrorists into Israel. Fortunately all landed in open areas in the Eshkol region: no reports of injury or damage, but that was not the intention of the barbarians (as we have written dozens of times in the past).

The last such bombardment in the area before today took place this past Monday. Then, the Gazan rocket landed near a kibbutz in the Negev (news reports here routinely keep the location of the landings a secret out of security considerations), and again, thankfully, no damage, no injuries and - as usual - no reporting.

Elsewhere in the neighbourhood today: Palestinian Arab got out of a taxi, carrying a knife and an ax, just next to a petrol station in Kiryat Arba this afternoon (Thursday). He stabbed two Israeli civilians, a man and a woman aged 52 and 49, and then fled the scene. He was pursued and then shot and seriously wounded by an IDF soldier.

And on our northern border today, Lebanon's newly formed cabinet announced agreement on a policy statement that acknowledges Hezbollah's right to use its weapons against Israel. The statement cites the right of "Lebanon, its government, its people, its army and its resistance" to liberate all Lebanese territory. We've heard liberation rhetoric like this before, usually just before a barrage of liberation-minded missiles directed at apartment buildings and schools comes crashing down on our cities.

Is it really called "siege mentality" when they're out to hurt you from every direction?

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