Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18-Nov-09: Rocket incoming

In this ongoing war of the terrorists against our society, yet another Qassam rocket inspired (if you believe their self-serving propaganda) by the political aspirations of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip or alternatively (if you can grasp what terrorism is actually about) by hatred and a zeal for causing the widest possible harm to the enemy, landed in Israel this morning, Wednesday. Reports from the Shaar Hanegev region say no damage and no injuries but this was of course not the intent of those doing the rocketing. The previous Qassam attack was this past Friday; the same region was the target. The rocket before that was last Sunday; it landed on the outskirts of the Israeli community of Sderot.

Search and it is unlikely (we believe, after trying) that you will find any reports anywhere in the global news media that these rockets were fired, other than brief mentions in certain parts of Israel's news channels.

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