Saturday, February 21, 2009

21-Feb-09: Reality check - is this what mainstream media are saying?

Hamas announced on January 18 that it was entering into a ceasefire with Israel. To no one's particular surprise, there were some 10 mortar firings plus one Qassam rocket shot into Israel yesterday (20th February). Palestinian terror groups have fired more than 50 rockets into Israel from Hamas-controlled Gaza since the Hamas "cease [and] fire" charade.

Despite the persistent attacks on Israeli civilian targets by the Gazans, Israel continues to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza residents. Since Israel ended its defensive operation there, more than 100,000 tons of aid and more than 2 million gallons (9 million liters) of fuel have entered Gaza. The aid reaches Gazans via several border crossings, including the Nahal Oz fuel depot, a site Palestinian terrorists have attacked repeatedly in the past.

With the December/January Gaza battle fading into the past, painstaking Israeli investigation reveals that fewer than a third of the Gazan casualties during Israel’s operation there were civilians. More than 1,200 Palestinians were killed during the three-week operation, according to the Israeli study. Two thirds of the deaths were of combatants, notwithstanding deliberately false reporting by Hamas that was swallowed up by most of the world's media.

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