Tuesday, April 29, 2008

29-Apr-08: Ins and outs of Palestinian Authority incarceration

It's been revealed (though almost no one in the media seems to have noticed) that the shooting attack at the Nitzanei Shalom industrial zone on Friday that cost the lives of two Israelis was carried out by a Palestinian Arab terrorist who had "escaped" from the PA prison in Jericho. YNet quotes Palestinian sources saying the terrorist made his post-"escape" way from Jericho disguised as a woman. In Kalansua, he changed back into male clothing, going from there to Nitzanei Shalom where he carried out the attack.

Three additional terrorists, members of the Fatah-controlled al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, also "escaped" yesterday (Monday) morning from the Palestinian Authority prison in Jericho. (The PA president, Mahmoud Abbas, is the head of Fatah.) Palestinian security forces are now "combing the area in search of the inmates" according to one report.

YNet explains that friends of the terrorists from the Jericho prison said all three had complained of their imprisonment conditions. Even worse, they felt rage over the fact that their requests to be included in an amnesty list were not met. Solution: why, somehow to escape of course. The PA (according to YNet) is "looking into the incident".

So, presumably, are the widows of Shimon Mizrachi and Eli Wasserman, the two murdered Israelis.

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