Thursday, April 10, 2008

10-Apr-08: Children and Nahal Oz

The AP photo at right will probably never get the attention it deserves.

Yet this image goes a long way toward countering incessant accusations against Israel of killing unarmed Palestinian children. The caption reads (in part): "A Palestinian militant sets up an improvised explosive device at a street corner in Gaza City, near the Nahal Oz crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel Wednesday, April 9, 2008"

Here is just one of many Palestinian terrorists conducting his business in the immediate presence of Palestinian children. This is a win-win scenario for him and his comrades.

Either the proximity of innocent children will deter Israelis from responding, which often occurs.

Or Israeli forces will be obliged to respond against the terrorists in order to save Israeli lives.

In the latter case, if the Palestinian children do die, then the terrorists will gain invaluable photos of the poor victims. Western media outlets can be relied on to distribute those horrific images widely. And the Palestinians will enjoy a "sympathy surge" from arm-chair liberals in the West.

So who's really guilty of those Palestinian children's deaths?

(For brief background on yesterday's murderous terrorist attack on Israel's fuel-supply line into Hamas-controlled Gaza, read "Palestinians attack key Gaza fuel transfer point".)

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