Tuesday, February 05, 2008

5-Feb-08: Terror and Palestinian identity

The next time someone asks you to buy the argument that Palestinian-Arab terror is simply part of their just struggle to assert their national identity, to achieve the restoration of their Palestinian-Arab state and national homeland etc etc etc, we'd like to suggest pointing them to this interview in the current issue of the British news weekly The Economist:
He certainly would not now “accept the reality” of Israel, as some of his senior colleagues have hinted. It may, instead, become “an eternal issue”, he says, looking ahead to a distant future when, “like your European Union”, the Arab nation will form one state across its historic lands, joining up with other Muslim nations such as Turkey. “We [Palestinians] were never an independent state in history,” he notes. “We were part of an Arab state and an Islamic state.”
The Palestinian-Arab speaker being interviewed is Mahmoud al-Zahhar, Hamas's "proclaimed foreign minister". A BBC profile 9from 2006) of the blood-drenched, Egyptian-born-and-bred Zahhar called him "the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Group, Hamas, in Gaza... Zahhar helped found the group in 1987 with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. He became a member of the collective leadership of the militant group in 2004 after Sheikh Yassin and Abdel-Aziz Rantissi were assassinated by Israel. Mr Zahhar is one of Hamas' ideological leaders..."

When this mass-murdering terrorist owns up to the falseness of the distinctive-Palestinian-nation story, his voice needs to be heard. Let's see who, if anyone, in the mainstream media picks up the man's frank and significant admission. It's replete with implications.

Irrespective of what (if anything) it means for the politics of this region, owning up to the fact that decades of Palestinian terror have nothing to do with national self-determination is an important part of understanding Hamas and its apologists.

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