Wednesday, November 07, 2007

7-Nov-07: Global jihadism, chapter 3,856

Three Qassam rockets struck southern Israel again today and this evening, reports Haaretz.

The first crashed into an open area with no damage or injuries.

The second damaged several cars in Sderot, a city that has never been occupied, never been contested, never been home to Palestinian Arabs, has no military installations and is under constant attack simply because it's within reach of the ever-growing arsenal of weapons installed by Pal-Arab terror groups under the active and watchful supervision of the jihadist Hamas regime. Three civilians were suffering from medically-treated shock in the wake of this evening's attack.

The third rocket hit an open area near Sderot, causing neither damage nor injuries.

Haaretz points out
that Palestinian rockets scatter-shot into Israel have killed seven people in recent years and continue to disrupt life in western Negev towns on a daily basis.

There's something sadly obvious about today's attacks and yesterday's and last week's and last year's. The terrorists have no interest in who or what gets hit, little ability to guide their bombs, and zero interest in compromise painful or otherwise, or in a settlement or in peace. Just lobbing the explosives over the border is a complete fulfillment of their strategy... as it is for jihadist terrorists throughout the world.

Just how widespread is this hate-based religious perversion? Twenty jihadists were picked up by European police today in towns across Italy, and in Britain, France and Portugal. The initiative for the co-ordinated raids came from police in the Milan area. The initiative for the ongoing acts of terror came from pulpits and political platforms the length and breadth of virtually every country in the world. And that's before we speak of the carnage perpetrated in northern Afghanistan today and in Iraq almost daily. Saudi Arabia may be the hub of world terror as the headlines in yesterday's London Times assert ("Saudi Arabia is hub of world terror; The desert kingdom supplies the cash and the killers"). But the war of the terrorists is being pushed forward in almost every country on earth.

Does anyone imagine for a moment that today's police raids mean European terror is being defeated? The reality of the current stage in this ongoing war is illustrated by an intercepted conversation quoted in today's Independent newspaper (Britain): "Things are being done with extreme calm" says the British-based jihadist. "Haste does not bring the desired results".

Believe them.

It's deeply worrying that not enough people understand what the jihadists mean by 'desired results'. Or how all-encompassing, geographically, their target is. The ultimate root cause of terrorism (root causes are endlessly discussed in conferences on terror like the one we attended in Washington 2 weeks ago) is the astonishing apathy of the nations against whom it's being waged.

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