Friday, November 30, 2007

30-Nov-07: Unrelenting rocket attacks

The spokesperson for the Israel Defence Forces says that, during this past week, the Palestinian Aabs fired more than 70 mortar shells and no fewer than 25 Qassam rockets into Israel. Most of these landed in Israel's western Negev. Two more Qassams crashed into Israel this morning from the Gaza Strip.

"We have orders not to fire any rockets on Tuesday because of the Annapolis summit, but we can resume normal activities after the summit ends," one of the terrorists is quoted saying in a Washington Times report this week. The Pal-Arab, who says he is totally loyal to the political leadership of Fatah, would not say who was giving the orders or what the chain of command is. Many analysts (says the same Washington Times report) point out that Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority provides cash to many members of that terror group through security salaries or, since Arafat's death, through a monthly social security payout.

For its part the IDF remains active against the terror attacks. Its statement says the IDF "carried out aerial and ground attacks during the past week and identified hitting 5 Palestinian terrorist involved in the firing of rocket and mortar shells at Israel from the southern Gaza. The IDF also identified and hit 15 Palestinian gunmen who were identified operating against IDF forces in the Gaza Strip and near the security fence, 6 of them in the past 24 hours... the IDF carried out attacks against 2 posts of the Hamas terror organization in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The attacks were carried in response to the continuous mortar shelling of Israeli

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