Thursday, November 01, 2007

1-Nov-07: Firing 13 rockets today, the thugs' agenda is clear

Ynet is reporting that a barrage of at least 13 Qassam rockets was launched into southern Israel from Gaza this morning. Islamic Jihad has already taken open responsibility for the attack.

As of mid-morning, nine rocket landings had been located in beleaguered Sderot and vicinity. No injuries are reported but there has been property damage. One Qassam landed near Sapir College in the Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council area, just five meters from one of the campus's employees, but did not explode.

The Gazan terror gangs are aware that the Israeli media have been reporting calls in the last week by Israeli military commanders in the area for a wide-ranging operation in the Strip to eliminate the lethal sites. A broad Israeli response is just what they seem to invite.

The cynical manipulation of the lives and welfare of their own people continues to be the calling card of the Palestinian Arab terrorists. Israeli sources have been reporting for months that the Pal-Arabs embed themselves as deeply as possible within civilian populations, with or without their co-operation. The goal is plain: to provoke an Israeli strike that will cause the widest possible loss of life and property. Now there's film footage documenting how it works.

A video clip released yesterday by Israeli intelligence shows a cell of three Pal-Arabs launching mortar shells into Israel from the middle of a Gaza schoolyard. The video shows the boys school and a red circle that tracks the terrorists as they prepare to fire the mortars. Military officials said Israeli forces withheld fire, fearing civilians would be harmed.

They quote an IDF officer saying: "They don't think twice about firing Qassam rockets near crowded public areas, even though they're fully aware that they're endangering innocent civilians".

To which we would add: what makes them terrorists, and very far from the freedom fighters their apologists sometimes claim them to be, is their cold-blooded disregard for anyone else's life or property.

Being adherents of a death cult makes this a relatively safe option for the jihadists - they get ample theological support from the lunatic religious leaders of Gaza and elsewhere in the Islamicist world. Worse, they are actively aided and abetted by the hate-based polemics of political leaders in the Arab world and elsewhere. And by the idiot analysts of the terror-embracing margins of Western society who manage to subvert the plain meaning of events in order to advance an ideological narrative. Here's an example from many that have appeared in the past few hours: "Israel is exploiting the firing of Qassam rockets into Israeli territory as its pretext for this barrage of measures in Gaza, citing the lives of innocent..." blah blah.

What is it about unguided terrorist rockets fired randomly into someone else's home (not disputed, never "occupied", not military in any way) that these people don't understand?

UPDATE (3-Nov-07): The graphic Israeli reconnaissance video showing Palestinan terrorists launching mortars from a schoolyard is evidently too graphic for some of their apologists. It's reported that "Islamists at YouTube have succeeded in getting this video flagged as objectionable". Evidently there are aspects of terrorist random bombings of peaceful, Israeli civilian settlements that the Palestinian Arabs and their spinners find objectionable.

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gharqad tree said...

I read the revolting uruknet piece you linked to. Utter ignorance.

"It is no secret that Israel loathes Hamas". Yes, why else would Israel keep rebuffing Hamas's declarations of friendship and love towards it? (Note to Joharah Baker: Hamas loathes Israel. It's no secret! Hamas exists to loathe Israel. Hamas wrote the book on loathing!)

And again, the stale, tired reminder that the missiles these scum are launching are crude and unguided. Does that make the deaths that they have caused less painful? Would a guidance system increase the suffering of the bereaved? Would you make moral peace with Israel if Israel announced that, from now on, its missiles and rockets will be imprecise and impossible to aim, as likely to take out civilians as combatants?

The imprecision of the missiles speaks for the utter moral callousness of the launchers, nothing else. It says that they don't care who gets hit and possibly killed, they just hope that someone does.

"Pretext" my arse. What a strange inversion of language, when "measures" come in a "barrage", but rocket attacks are dismissed because the lethal weapons could land literally anywhere.