Wednesday, September 26, 2007

26-Sep-07: More about our neighbors

So far this morning, the eve of the festival of Tabernacles or Sukkot, four Qassam rockets have crashed into Israel, fired from Gaza. (More than 4,000 in seven years. 1,800 since September 2006.) The BBC routinely calls Gaza "one of the most densely populated tracts of land in the world". Despite this and the fact that it has multiple police- and security-forces, Gaza's authorities are somehow never in the right place to intervene and stop these murderous thugs. A real puzzle.

1pm UPDATE: Today's tally is now seven Qassams. Haaretz says two hit "the rocket-weary town of Sderot". Fortunately no injuries so far. This morning Palestinians also lobbed 20 mortar shells into Israel from the southern part of the Gaza Strip. There's no strategy here other than terror. Israel's patience and restraint in the face of hate-filled violence is beyond comprehension - and also largely unrecognized.

3:45pm UPDATE: The tally is now nine, and the sun is still high in the sky.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps once Israel stops murdering Palestinians they will stop trying to kill you.

The-View-From-Ramot said...

Meaning that you're happy to be aligned with the bombers of pizza restaurants, kindergartens and buses. So long as Israel engages in what you call "murdering Palestinians", it's to be expected (you are saying) that the terrorist thugs will go on carrying out random bombings, random firings of Qassam rockets, random placing of time-bombs in supermarkets and so on.

Until you and the many shallow-thinking apologists for terrorism like you engage in some self-analysis, your moral confusion will continue to bedevil a world trying to overcome this cancer called terrorism. I don't predict an early resolution.

People with a clearer and more responsible outlook and a responsibility to protect civil society everywhere (even here in Israel) will have to continue to step around people like you who simply get in the way.

In moral terms, as apologists for their appalling actions, you're as guilty as the terrorists are.

gharqad tree said...

And not only in moral terms. Terrorists are very well aware that media-driven public support for their "struggle" in Europe gives them greater leverage to use violence against civilians than they would otherwise have.