Friday, June 22, 2007

22-Jun-07: Little reported, the terror attacks go on

Qassam rocket barrages fired directly at the non-disputed, non-occupied Israeli communities of Ashkelon and Sderot caused injuries and damage on Wednesday night. But even people strongly interested in events happening in this part of the world would not know since the attacks were almost entirely unreported outside Israel.

The facts:
  • Two Israelis were injured by the rockets. Ten others were hospitalized for treatment.
  • A synagogue (place of worship) was damaged.
  • Another rocket crashed into open space near a gas station on the outskirts of Kibbutz Nir Am.
  • The attacks do not lack an admitted perpetrator. The terror organization Islamic Jihad openly and publicly claimed responsibility.
  • Head of the Hamas regime, Ismail Haniyeh, aligned itself as usual with the acts of terror, disingenuously asserting that Hamas "is not responsible for protecting Israel". In reality, members of Hamas have engaged in acts of murder and terror that have taken the lives of hundreds of Israeli adults and children in the past seven years of this ongoing war.
Meanwhile, for those of us in despair at the reality of Hamastan right on our doorstep, armed to the teeth and with a thoroughly successful bloodbath of its own Fatah brethren freshly behind it, here's this cheerful Salon look at how "the nice young men in beards" i.e. Hamas thugs, keep traffic moving and investigate "petty crime".


gharqad tree said...

What a repulsive article. "Hamas takes its role as an old-school local political machine seriously". Yes, its mission to ethnically cleanse the Middle East of Jews is a sideline really, a hobby.

Rockets 'infuriate' Israel - no mention of the fact that they kill, injure, or terrify Israeli men, women, and children, that they kill disabled children, for example. Disgusting.

And the IDF response to such attempted murders will 'force' Palestinian killers to fire yet more rockets.

Stupid malicious ignorant facile garbage.

Anonymous said...

Poor Gharqad, the world just won't buy the BS you believe; some of us are not blinded by xenophobia, bigotry and tribal loyalty.