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13-May-07: On unspeakable depravity and those who defend it

This woman, a mother of little children and the daughter of a wealthy
family, turned herself into a human bomb in January 2004, soon
after this photo was snapped. She has become a Palestinian Arab poster-girl
for their monstrous notion of motherhood [Image Source]
Unlike most people, we have every reason to think hard about what it takes to turn a person into a human bomb.

The murder of our daughter at the hands of barbarian thugs, religious fanatics and foaming-at-the-mouth racist extremists is the hardest thing we have ever had to face in life. Whatever we thought we knew about human society, about people who espouse religious values different from ours, about the racism and xenophobic hatred that infects the societies bordering our country in all directions - all went a little way towards explaining the impossible-to-explain.

But at the end, we are left with more questions than answers.

The little that we do understand about the ability of Hamas to persuade young Palestinian Arabs to die violently stems from the knowledge we have gotten about how Hamas and other dark forces in the Arab world educate their children. Education is at the black heart of this 'achievement'. No society in the history of mankind has done more to create a culture of self-destruction. Self-destruction... in the interests of destroying the lives of those they hate.

You can see -- if you are interested in seeing -- endless expressions of a poisonous racism, of religious intolerance and of mindless hatred in all aspects of the Palestinian Arab media and education system. It goes hand-in-hand with the broad-scale brainwashing of children, the creation of a death-worship cult, and child abuse on a scale that we in the more cultured parts of the world simply cannot grasp.

All of this would be tragic enough on its own. But what continues to appall us is the way this poisoning of an entire society's young minds is ignored and swept under the carpet. Or subtly supported and understood and quietly half-justified in Europe and elsewhere.

This is on our minds because events this week make clear that the whole appalling story of Palestinian Arab manipulation of their children is getting worse, much worse.

We wrote last week about the Mickey Mouse-lookalike who promotes Islamic domination to children on a Hamas-operated television station. For a short while afterwards, there were reports that some Hamas regime official or another had gone public with a statement that this sickening piece of government-sponsored madness was being pulled. Turns out the death-cult apparatchik spoke prematurely because it's going strong as of today. In fact, there's no sign that the pedophiles and child-slaughterers of Hamas have any intention of bringing it to an end. Why should they? It's achieving exactly what they want.

For the rest of us, it remains to wonder how Pal-Arabs and their apologists sleep at night.

What do they say to themselves as they watch the four-year-old daughter of now-deceased bomber-murderer-terrorist Reem Riyashi singing to her dead mother and vowing to follow in her footsteps? The latest Palestinian Media Watch bulletin records how that particular video clip ends with the little girl picking up sticks of explosives from her mother's drawer.

What happens after that is left to the viewers' imaginations.

(It's helpful to know that Reem Riyashi killed four Israelis and wounded seven at the Erez crossing between Gaza and Israel in 2004. She gained the sympathy of the Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint by telling them that she had a metal plate in her leg that would trigger the metal detector. After she was taken to a room to be searched privately, she detonated the bomb hidden under her clothes.)

This sickening message is pumped out by official Pal-Arab television seven days a week.

There are always going to be people who are utterly confused about the two sides of this divide - the one that separates barbarism from civilization. The media are filled with them. The hate mail we get at this blog is evidence of plenty more befuddlement and moral myopia. But none of this changes the basic, inescapable reality that you are either for encouraging children to go out and commit murder or against it. And if you don't get that one right, you have a lot of explaining to do to yourself, your own children and to history.

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