Sunday, October 08, 2006

8-Oct-06: Rockets Continue to Be Fired into Israel

Far (very far) from the headlines of the mainstream media, lethal rockets continue to be fired daily from Hamas-controlled Gaza into Israeli towns, settlements and homes. If you're not aware of this, you cannot possibly understand the reports of Israeli shelling of storehouses, weapon-making workshops and arms-smuggling tunnels. Which is exactly where the mainstream media leave most of us.

Qassam lands next to Sderot mayor's home
Shmulik Hadad - Published: 10.07.06, 21:40
A Qassam rocket fell Saturday evening next to the house of Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal. No reports of injuries. In the past few days, rockets have been fired frequently at Sderot. Exactly a week ago a rocket directly hit a house in Sderot. Two residents were lightly wounded and another seven suffered shock in the incident. Last night's rocket landed next to the mayor's house while he was at home. "I sat at home in the living room and I was thrown from my chair from the force of the explosion," Moyal told Yedioth Aharonot. "I went out to check if any of the neighbors were hurt. Fortunately, there are no injuries except for a few suffering from shock, but there is damage to my house and to other houses. This is mainly damage to window panes and the walls of the houses. Unfortunately, this firing continues like on other day and just doesn't stop. If the rocket had landed another 10 meters in, we would have had to bury people tonight... Nothing has been done about this matter. Just as we say all the time, this embarrassment of Qassam firings at Sderot must be stopped."
None of this, despite all the rhetoric from terror-apologists in the middle east and beyond it, has anything to do with occupation or liberation. It does nothing to enhance the misreable quality of life of Gazans. It costs money and lives - on both sides. But someone evidently is perfectly satisfied to allow it to continue. As for the media, try to enter the word "sderot" into any image search engine to come up with recent pictures of that city, the target of daily attacks by armed terror gangs. (Hint: If you use Yahoo's news image search engine right now, you'll get zero results. Just like yesterday, last week and almost always.)

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