Sunday, July 30, 2006

30-Jul-06: Neighbourhood barbarians

The civilized world is indebted to Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper for today publishing several snapshots taken in the Christian area of Wadi Chahrour, a neighborhood of eastern Beirut. Under the headline "Photos that damn Hezbollah", they show the 'heroic liberators' of Hezbollah going about their business of firing heavy-calibre weapons and deadly Katyusha missiles into the hospitals, children's playgrounds and houses of northern Israel.

The Israeli authorities have been almost universally damned for having caused destruction to the streets of Lebanon, and having triggered a civilian catastrophe. But as the missiles continue to rain down on Israeli, it's worth noting the Herald-Sun's documentary evidence of Hezbollah deliberately - cold-bloodedly - using high-density residential areas as staging areas and launch pads for their rockets and heavy-calibre weapons.
Dressed in civilian clothing so they can quickly disappear, the militants carrying automatic assault rifles and ride in on trucks mounted with cannon. [These pictures] were taken by a visiting journalist and smuggled out by a friend.
From personal experience, we know there will be few people who understand or care to think about the meaning of terror warfare being conducted from inside a civilian population. This is because most people still think of terror war in general and acts of terror carried into civilian life by Moslem terrorists in particular as being far, far away from their own lives.

But the citizens of Madrid, Bali, Beslan, New York, Washington, London, Paris, Ankara, Seattle [etc. etc. etc.] as well as Haifa, Jerusalem and Nahariya can confirm that we all have a very great deal to fear from these people and their colleagues.

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Brigitte said...

How can this sort of info be ignored? How can news analysts keep interviewing Hizbollah spokesmen as if they were just ordinary belligerents? How can people be so blind about the criminal disregard which these religious maniacs have for the wellbeing of their fellow Lebanese?